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Questions / Display of tag original artist
August 18, 2018, 15:57:32
I have some album tagged with artist, album artist AND original artist (German:"Originalk√ľnstler"). EasyTag displays this tag, but in GMB I can't find this. Especially for the search this would be very helpful.
Is there any way to add/display original artist in GMB?
Composer is  diaplayed in the panel, but not in the search function. Is there any way to search for compser?

Thx a lot
I use gmusicbrowser since some years, thanks a lot! Since the upgrade to Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 32bit, I have the problem that gusicbrowser stops most of the time, but not always playing after each song. No matter if I use the queue or just play by path/album/disk/...order. This happend to my laptop with the same distro, but gmusicbroswer 1.1.10 and my desktop with version 1.1.11 too. I guess this has something to do with mplayer2 (2.0-554-gf63dbad-1ubuntu1), but have no idea for a solution.
Has anybody the same problem and a work around?