September 17, 2012, 20:48:48 Last Edit: September 17, 2012, 22:03:24 by IlVerZ
There is a way to add a song in the queque of gmusicbrowser using the command line?
And also change the current playlist filter to another one using the command line..

Thank you! :D

To enqueue songs from the command line you can use the command EnqueueFiles, with as arguments a url-encoded list of files/folders. The list is space separated so you have to encode the spaces in filenames with "%20".
example :
gmusicbrowser -cmd "EnqueueFiles /path/to/music/file.mp3 /another/path/with%20some%20spaces/"

There is no command currently to change the playlist filter.

I plan to redesign the command system completely, it is currently a mess. The new system will be able to do that and much more and in a better way.
In the meantime, you can cheat by using the RunPerlCode command, it is of course unsupported :

change the filter to songs that contains "test" in their title :
gmusicbrowser -cmd 'RunPerlCode ::Select(filter => Filter->new_from_smartstring("title:test"));'

enqueue songs that contains "foo" in their title and "bar" in the album title :
gmusicbrowser -cmd 'RunPerlCode ::EnqueueFilter(Filter->new_from_smartstring("title:foo album:bar"));'