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Any idea why composer/conductor tag fields are empty in gmb although they show up in quodlibet or in wine/foobar2000?
This problem occures with mp3, flac, alac, dsd.
Conductor is empty in most cases , some composers show up, even in a compilation album with more composers i would see one but not the others.
I use Arch Linux with gmusicbrowser-git

Other software might look at some alternative tags maybe, can you send me some examples (squentin ? I'll take a look.

Have you tried re-reading the tags of your music after enabling the 'Composer Tag'? Just try it with one song -> Right click on song and click 're-read tags'.

I have a similar problem. The tags are edited with easyTag. GMB doesn't show "Komponist" (german for Composer), but if I got to extended properties I see Composer. Maybe this is a problem with the tag translation? I added a screenshot with properties and extended.
Thx a lot!
screenshot properties.jpg

For me this worked:
Einstellungen --> Felder --> Komponist aktivieren
afterwards mark some tracks --> right click --> Tags neu einlesen
Attention: I first tried to mark all tracks with missing composer/conductor and reread tags - all RAM was used then and the Computer stucked. Better not do it with 3000 tracks at once.
After installing gmb I enabled composer and conductor, restarted gmb and was surprised that gmb didn't recognize composser and conductor.
But now this fields fill up with importing new tracks - just perfect.

Solved,I found the reason, why in my GNB the Composer tag was empty.
It was a mixture of user defined "Komonist" (German for compser) the the GMB field composer.
First I deleted the user defined filed Composer,
do in settings to fields and activate the field composer (in additional fields)
delete column Composer, and add afterwards field composer,
reread tags, restart GMB,
this worked on my GMB.
Thanks a lot.