December 24, 2009, 22:20:29 Last Edit: December 24, 2009, 22:23:36 by Satoshi
I am using gmb 1.0.2 and I am having some problems with duplicate music entries.

When I am in the Browser, with music sorted by anything except by Path, every music will be show duplicated:

Also, whenever I search any term, regardless of sorting method, it will show every entry duplicated:

This is really annoying because all that happens with sorting order happens when setting playing order. I have to use playing orders that follow the path, otherwise any song will always be played twice (sometimes it seems to play even more times than that, but I am not sure).

Do you use symbolic links ?
Can you check the folder names of 2 duplicated entries (in song properties->info), are they exactly the same ? (in particular, check for double slashes, or presence of a slash at the end of the folder name)
Were the duplicated entries present from the start, or did they appeared later ?

If you are willing, sending me your ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/tags file by email could help me find what is wrong (I promise to keep it private).

Yes, I do use symbolic links.

I have a link in my home directory pointing to a folder in a Windows partition.

When I check the songs, each has indeed a diferent path, one of them being /home/satoshi/Music/... and the other being the /mnt/windows/Music/....

My library folder points directly to the Windows directory, not to the symlink.

Deleting the symlink (it wasn't all that necessary) did the trick.

You can use symlinks, you just have to be careful with them, and not add the same folder with multiple names.
Using the ~/Music symlink instead of the real folder name is probably better for the future. That way if you move your /mnt/windows/Music/ to some other folder, you'll just have to update the symlink and everything will be fine :)

Currently, when scanning, gmb will make sure not to scan the same folder twice with different names. But it doesn't currently check if a newly found file is already present in the library under a different path. I will probably improve that one day.