I don't understand french. Make a sketch. :)
or use the irc channel #gmusicbrowser on freenode

Quentin can interpret. ;)

OK. I try in english.

Layouts have two faces.

Look and ergonomy.

Priority depends of the user.

I love look, I love ergonomy. I need both.

I have a hardest use of GMB, because music in my first hobby, and GMB is the best music browser (stable, versatile, etc.) IMO.

I LOVE your layout because it looks great. Better than all the default layouts, for the look. Not for the ergonomy.

I need some options. Without those options, GMB isn't the best.

For casual use, your layout is great.

But, for instance, a DJ is using your layout (and sometimes, I'm a DJ).

Adding tracks in the queue, change the queue because the public change or because the DJ made a mistake, clear the queue in emergency because your idea of the night was bullshit and you realise it and you want to clear that and take another start, put this tracks on the top because you need a atmosphere'boost, etc.

For casual user, the queue functionality aren't important. There are options.
For hard-core user, the clear-queue-button is the first (and the queue menu (randomize queue, etc.), the second).

When I use GMB in parties, I have to let down Arkanoid, because of the lack of queue-ergonomy.
I change to "List & context & library" or "itunes like".

You have a lot a space empty (button lines, for instance) to add buttons you even don't imagine people use them, please add the max button you can.

I love your layout. Some weeks ago, I send an email to friends using windows. I say them : for the first time I find a layout better than foobar2000 (the default foobar2000 layout is poor but it's easy to customize, and I customize it a lot, to bring foobar2000 close to the perfect browser : look and ergonomy compatibility), I was talking about Arkanoid.

But, IMO, Arkanoid needs few changes to be the ultimate layout. And it's actually close to.

Other button not avaliable : I add one or two albums each day, sometimes more. I have to check new tracks each day. Going to configuration menu for asking GMB to check the library need 2 or 3 clicks in arkanoid... Configuration access in one click is usefull (for me).

I hope you understand.


How about if I build a DJ-layout according to your wishes?
Given a menu item for direct switching of layouts.

Que diriez-vous si je construis un DJ-layout en fonction de vos souhaits?
Étant donné un élément de menu pour la commande directe des mises en page.

Arkanoid updated in the development branch.

Thanx !

A tall panel on the left, to navigate easily on the numerous artists (like in itunes-like). Simple search on the top.
A central panel to affinate the navigation, like in itunes-like again (two windows on the top, only one in the button, but not Song tree, the classic in better, classic buttons between top and bottom).
But on the right, your arkanoid panel (tab with context, queue, etc).
And, in the queue tab, all the buttons to manage the queue.

Classic button (play, review, next) and album picture where you can or where you want, to make it looking great.
Perhaps on the right panel (top or bottom, I don't know, better in the top IMO).

The choice has to be from the left to the right.
Playlist first on the left, artist and album in the top center, tracks in the botom center and all the chosen tracks on the right, with the tools to change, navigate, manage the queue close to the layout queue in the right.

If you can...

Ah : I like too the layout menu to swicth for one to one and the queue menu, but just for the "randomize" choice and I need a one-click-access to the configuration menu (for the "check library" possibility, the only one I need)

just adding my wishes for the same layout
a button or kinda plugin or a keyboard shortcut to append a song at the begining of the queue, just after the currently playing song. the present enqueue button adds it to the end of the queue.
secondly the choice of playlist filter if it is like a drop down list (like in banshee auto add mode), and same for the weighted random choices.

New rating icons
New queue icons

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I prefer the bottom left panel behind the album picture. Usually I give to this panel all the place (hiding picture) because I have a lot of playlist.
So the alternative arkanoid is for me.
Queue button in the queue tab are usefull.
Configuration button and check-library button are usefull too.
Good job

When I was on Windows, I use to use foobar2000, because it was light, versatile, sober, usefull.
And the layout conception was easy, so I took time to learn it.
And I obtain this layout :

Explanation :
Left panel : the same of the left bottom panel in Arkanoid but it takes all the tall, Simple search on the bottom (but it would be better on the top), playing order on the ultime bottom (repeat/random/default/etc.)
Small next left panel : a thin vertical panel with all the button (play, enqueue, stop, rew, foward, configuration, refresh, etc.)
Center panel : playlist tab / queue tab (with buttons) / etc.
Right panel : special tab panel with

  • a "actually playing"-tab containing : title/artist/album + pictures album + all information on the song (localisation on the HD, previously played, times played, added, etc.)
  • a "actually selected"-tab containing the same of the actually playing but information are on the songs selected (not necessary playing)
  • a context tab (lyrics and more)
And on the right bottom, under the tabs : progression bar and volume but it would be better on the top.

If you have so time, I would be happy to have the same in GMB.

Or may be I should learn to make layout with GMB :)

another small thing, the simple search box does not search all the variables from the metadata. can it be made to search anything related to the tracks including comments..
or may be the filter box having an option to search for "any text" in the metadata??

I could switch, but this search box looks in dark themes not good.

This version is no longer supported.