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Questions / Miscalculation of height in SongTree
March 10, 2012, 14:10:10
Is it just my layout, or is there a slight miscalculation of the height in a SongTree when you scroll?

Symptom: I have a long list of songs in a SongTree widget. I drag the scrollbar up or down. When I let go of the scrollbar, the list is displaced, compared to where it was just before I let go of the scrollbar. The list always shifts upwards, or equivalently: gmb always scrolls further down than I intended.

Understandable? :)
When you right-click the "Saved lists" part of the "Saved" filter pane, the first two items in the popup menu concern filters, whereas the next five items concern lists. I suggest dropping the second item ("Save current filter as") and changing the first item from "New Filter" to "New List".

To be consequent, this should imply removing "Save current list as" from the popup menu in the "Saved filters" part of the same filter pane.
Questions / Drag and drop songs into saved lists
November 09, 2011, 08:48:39
When I select songs from a songlist and I drag them into a list item in the "Saved lists" part of the "Saved" filter pane, I get the error

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Can't use string ("429") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/anne/trasdahl/bin/gmusicbrowser/ line 2988.
***  ignoring at ./ line 1304.

where 429 is the song id of the first song in the selection. A bug I presume?
Behavior now: when you click the column headers in songlist or songtree, the list get sorted by that field, alternately ascending and descending.

Suggestion: When you click a column header of a column that is sorted descending, you return to the default sort order. Say you have chosen "Sort by -> path". When you click for example the "Title" header repeatedly, the sorting order goes title asc -> title desc -> path -> title asc. etc. I know at least Spotify has this behavior.

I'd like this because have have my default sort order which I like, but sometimes I use sorting to find a song/album/artist quickly. It would then be nice to return to the default sort order without having to right click and choose from a menu.
Suggestions / Key bindings
August 30, 2011, 09:44:24
It kinda bugs me that some layout items steal some keyboard shortcuts, making them useless as global key bindings. For example, SongLists and SongTrees steal both space and ctrl-space, so they are useless as play/pause shortcuts. SongLists even steal ctrl-p, which I use for opening the Settings window.

My suggestion is that all key bindings are grabbed by gmb and checked against the keybindings list before the layout item in focus gets the chance to react to it. If the key or key combination is in the global keybindings list, it should not be passed on to the current layout item in focus. There should be one exception to this: key bindings that are plain letters or space (without ctrl or alt) should not be grabbed when a text field has focus (for example SimpleSearch or inline search in a SongList or SongTree). Typically, you want to be able to type a search string that includes a space, even if you have space as a play/pause shortcut key. This is the way itunes and spotify work and I find it intuitive.
Customization / [PLUGIN] Albuminfo
June 30, 2011, 12:15:06
I've written a plugin based on (and similar to) the artistinfo plugin, except it retrieves information about albums, and it does so from The plugin displays the album review in a Context widget, and offers to save some of the information (genre, moods, styles and themes) in gmb fields. This requires some fields to be enabled/created, so I cite my README:

GENRES IS THE ONLY FIELD EXISTING AND ENABLED IN GMUSICBROWSER BY DEFAULT. "Moods" exists, but must be enabled. This can be done under Preferences -> Fields -> Standard fields -> mood. "Styles" and "Themes" must be created by the user under Preferences -> Fields -> Custom fields. Click "New custom field", call it "Style" (yes, capitalized). Field type must be "flags". Field name is what appears in the filter pane tab, and can be chosen freely ("Styles" is natural). Do the same for "Themes". Moods, Styles and Themes will now be available as filter panes, songtree columns etc.

For more information, read the README.

If (or should I say when) you find any bugs, please tell me! Also let me know if you have any feature requests.
There's a TODO list in the source file, but it's actually more of a "Suggestions" list, so I don't know if I'll implement them unless someone tells me to :)

I hope you find it useful and that it doesn't break anything :)
7 just updated their API, and they no longer require an API key. I tried to add support for earlier, but somehow the site didn't accept the request from gmb. However, with this commit from Quentin, it does. To celebrate this, I added support for in the Picture Finder plugin. The file is attached.
It seems there is a bug in the picture finder plugin. When I open an "Artists" (note: not "Artist") tab in a filter pane, right click and choose "search for a picture on internet", the following occurs:

- the name of the artist in the search field is always "1"
- i correct the artist name, and choose a picture from the new search results
- in the "save as" dialog, the check box at the bottom says "Use this picture for artist 'ARRAY(0xd8a9f7)'"
- When I click OK, the memory usage of GMB boosts up to 1.1GB! (And the picture is set correctly.)

I guess the easy solution to this problem is to disable the option to search for a picture in the "Artists"-pane...
Questions / Set filter from custom widget
March 21, 2011, 15:45:40
Is there a command that would allow me to set a filter from any layout item through a click1-action? I would like to be able to write something like




or maybe something with a generic Button. Is it possible? Maybe through a "RunPerlCode"-command?