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Questions / Miscalculation of height in SongTree
March 10, 2012, 14:10:10
Is it just my layout, or is there a slight miscalculation of the height in a SongTree when you scroll?

Symptom: I have a long list of songs in a SongTree widget. I drag the scrollbar up or down. When I let go of the scrollbar, the list is displaced, compared to where it was just before I let go of the scrollbar. The list always shifts upwards, or equivalently: gmb always scrolls further down than I intended.

Understandable? :)
Oh, perhaps you mean that the problem is that values aren't restored when you map from popm to gmb and then back to popm. Then I see the problem :)

Although I don't think it's a very big problem, who would notice if a rating changed from 234 to 233 or 232?
Isn't it just to map from gmb to popm by 1+int(255/100*gmb), and then map back by int(100/255*popm)? This is an invertible mapping, i.e., mapping from gmb to popm and then back again restores the original value.
+1 for the request for supporting streaming! :)
Customization / Re: [PLUGIN] Albuminfo
December 05, 2011, 11:14:41
"Scan the whole library" - function is now implemented, and can be found in the shimmer git:

Better late than never, huh? ;)
Questions / Re: Drag and drop songs into saved lists
November 10, 2011, 13:46:49
Thanks for the quick fix!

I have discovered two more issues related saved lists:

1) Sometimes, a list seems to be changed automatically when you browse your collection. I have only observed this when creating the list by "Save current list as". I can create the list, edit it to remove all songs, close the "Edit list" window, reset the filter, click around in the filter panes a bit, then click the list again, and voila: the list is no longer empty.

2) When you add songs to a saved list (created with "New list"), and you click the list in the "Saved" tree to see the songs, then the last songs you added to the list don't show, even if you have reset the filter in the mean time. It seems I have to select a filter (not another saved list) in the "Saved" tree, and then go back to the concerned list to see the changes.
When you right-click the "Saved lists" part of the "Saved" filter pane, the first two items in the popup menu concern filters, whereas the next five items concern lists. I suggest dropping the second item ("Save current filter as") and changing the first item from "New Filter" to "New List".

To be consequent, this should imply removing "Save current list as" from the popup menu in the "Saved filters" part of the same filter pane.
Questions / Drag and drop songs into saved lists
November 09, 2011, 08:48:39
When I select songs from a songlist and I drag them into a list item in the "Saved lists" part of the "Saved" filter pane, I get the error

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Can't use string ("429") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/anne/trasdahl/bin/gmusicbrowser/ line 2988.
***  ignoring at ./ line 1304.

where 429 is the song id of the first song in the selection. A bug I presume?
You get a small "^" or "v" to the right in the column header button if you click it to sort. However, if you choose a sort order from the context menu, you don't get that (even if you choose a sort order that corresponds to a column, for example "Title"). So that becomes the indicator. It may seem small, but it works for me. And it is consistent: if you don't see a "^" or "v", you know you're back at default sort order.

You can check out the manual search part of the albuminfo plugin in the shimmer git, I've implemented it there.
Behavior now: when you click the column headers in songlist or songtree, the list get sorted by that field, alternately ascending and descending.

Suggestion: When you click a column header of a column that is sorted descending, you return to the default sort order. Say you have chosen "Sort by -> path". When you click for example the "Title" header repeatedly, the sorting order goes title asc -> title desc -> path -> title asc. etc. I know at least Spotify has this behavior.

I'd like this because have have my default sort order which I like, but sometimes I use sorting to find a song/album/artist quickly. It would then be nice to return to the default sort order without having to right click and choose from a menu.
The plugin should pop up automatically as a tab in the "Context" widget when you activate it. But not every layout contains a Context widget, so you need to add it somewhere in the layout file, or just switch to a layout that contains one (for example "Playlist, Library & Context").
cardiacanesthesia: I wrote a very basic plugin that shows top (meaning most tracks) artists, genres and years, and favorite (meaning most plays) artists, genres and years. It is a context pane widget, so it should pop up next to lyrics, artistinfo etc. It is just a quick and dirty solution, not very fancy (very basic layout) and not very customizable, but it can work as a starting point or an inspiration.

Check it out at
Suggestions / Re: Key bindings
September 12, 2011, 09:28:22
Thanks for the patch, squentin! It works pretty much the way I suggested, all shortcuts (with or without modifiers) work everywhere except when a text entry has focus. However, you don't need to disable ALL shortcuts when a text entry has focus, only those that produce text input. So I guess one could check the modifiers in this particular case.

As for space in songlists/songtrees, I would like it if it only meant play/pause, and didn't trigger the activate-function. Activate could be triggered by pressing enter. But of course, it does not need to be the default behavior, it's only my preference. If shortcuts were able to bypass widgets, one could easily achieve this behavior by setting space as a play/pause shortcut in the settings.
It seems to work to put


at the end of the "Start" procedure. Perhaps there could be a conditional there as well, and a check box in the preferences to let the user decide if he wants it to be default or not.
Suggestions / Re: Key bindings
September 05, 2011, 12:51:28
Actually, I suggest being able to override any key combination, with or without modifiers. And I argue that there are some widgets (songlists, songtrees) that you would want to override and some you would not (search entries) in some (important) use cases. I see your point with obscure keys and overriding even search entries, but I think that the case of "space" for play/pause is much more common and relevant. Therefore, I suggest that any key combination, with or without modifiers, bypasses all widgets except text entries. I guess a gtk entry doesn't grab many important key combinations with modifiers.

In this way you don't need to add any "bypass" option in the gui.

And btw, I agree with ochosi that "space" by default should be set to play/pause in songlists and songtrees.

Well, this is just my opinion. :)