Hi. I'm using a slightly modified version of the iTunes-like layout.

In the current display, in what I guess is the "categories pane" (because when I go to View->Categories pane and _un_check it, it goes away), there are two boxes, one with Artist and one with Album. (Adding View->Genres pane adds a third box here.) Simply, I would like the left box to display "Album Artist", or if that is blank, Artist, instead of right now, where it's just Artist. The current result is that I have very many extra entries because I get all of the "Famous Person featuring Someone Else" or "Famous Person and Nobody", instead of collapsing them all into Famous Person.

Thanks. I have struggled and have never really understood how to modify the layout properly; I've tried a few things here and just can't tell where this is coming from.

If you post the modified version of it here I will load it and take a look at it to see if I can get it for you

Thank you. I have a derived layout with some minor changes that shouldn't have any effect on this question, but here it is (everything here was copies from replies on this forum; I could never come up with this myself):

[IT-custom] based on itunes-like

# i.e. removing star-rating
HBTitle       = Filler0 _Title

# remove cover, since now we have it in left panel
HBupper      = VBleft 5_VBright -VBVol

# Year moved right next to album
HBAlbum      = LockAlbum Album Year

VBfpane3   = _FilterPane3(nb=1,hidebb=1,pages=savedtree) Cover2(click1=PopupCustom(CoverPopup)) VProgress

VBmain= Cover(minsize=650,maxsize=650,click1=CloseWindow)

I just want to make sure we are working from the same file, makes things so much easier