June 11, 2015, 12:43:06 Last Edit: June 11, 2015, 14:00:42 by ivan3dart
Hi, may be it is a configuration problem, but I don't know how to fix it. Several albums uses the wrong icon, i.e. in the snapshot, I have in my library 2 albums called "Dynasty", one from Black Uhuru artists and the another one from Kiss, but when I play or browse the library the it shows me the wrong album icon.

Any ideas?

Of course I have all my library organized in folders and sub-folders each with a different album.

If 2 albums have the same name you have to set the "album artist" field to differentiate them. I may make this configurable at some point, but for now the folder or artist fields do not matter for this, you have to use the album artist field.

Once you have differentiated them, you can simply change the picture of one album from its right-click menu.

Thanks for the reply. But the program doesn't load the i.e. the Folder.jpg file from each folder? I tried your solution and seems to work, but I have to make it manually in all conflicted folders. And I have two albums (in different folders) with the same album artists and album name but different year. And cannot apply your solution in that case.


No, gmb doesn't force you to have all albums in a folders. As I said, I plan to add options to change the way an album is recognized, and probably change the default behavior.
About those 2 albums with the same name by the same artist, I'm curious to know which one it is, I didn't think such a thing existed (I'm more concerned about 2 artists having the same name). Currently the only way around this is to name te 2 albums differently. There should be a solution once I add options to change this behavior.

It's Caetano Veloso. And those are official studio albums  :P