Good morning all,

I'm new here and have been a fan of gmusicbrowser for years. If this app were to go away, I'd be pulling my hair out.
There you go, I am using gmusicbrowser on two computers, but with a single configuration file that I move from one to the other in order to remember the number of times played, the last time played etc.

Since yesterday I have a bug: I no longer have access to the configuration menu (settings): it opens a black page.

Do you know which line is affected in the config file and how I can fix it? I don't want to start over with a brand new file, precisely so as not to lose information such as the number of times played and the last times played.

And by the way, if anyone knows if there is a way to put these two pieces of information in the track tag, that would be great.

Thank you.

Hi, I don't know why anything in the config file could have that effect. Can you post a screenshot of that "black page" ? If you think it comes from the config file, you can send it to me (squentin I'll take a look.

Currently you can only save the play count in the tag (Settings->Fields->Play count->check "Read/Write in file tag"->restart, though it will only write modified play counts, if you want to write all existing play counts, you then have to go in Settings->Tags->Update Tags->select "play count".
About writing "last play", I've been thinking about adding write options recently, maybe this year?

Hello, the problem was with the configuration file, but unfortunately I did not exactly notice the bug. I fixed it by comparing a brand new config file and my corrupted file with the software meld. I started by copying the end of my file, doing tests each time I copy / paste, until the problem reappears. What I do know is that the problem was at the beginning of the file ... Sorry for the lack of precision and thank you very much for your answer.