Song name: Down the Aisle (with you)
The title contains parentheses. And this causes gmb to scramble the artist entry, displaying it wrongly.

Artist name: Hall & Oates
Gmusicbrowser displays this as two entries 'Hall' and 'Oates' in the artist list, not as 'Hall & Oates'.

See screenshots.


However, I think this should not be the default setting, really. It's confusing and looks like a bug for first-time users. But for those looking for such a special setting, they will find it anyway.

The default behavior is the "Artist panel" (without "s") showing normal name. Only the "ArtistS panel" gets this behavior.
I think it's a good idea : Classical Artist Panel for current user vs Tweakable Artists Panel for geek

It's not the first time that someone report this as a bug. Maybe I should disable it by default.
Anyway I plan to add better support for multiple artists, though I'm still not sure how exactly, some players use multiple artist fields, but it's not very clear what these other artists are and what should be done with them. My plan is currently to use the artist field as the" official" artist name of the track : the one that is displayed in most places, and that is written on the disc. And add an other field, with multiple values, that contain artist names. But there is still many questions, such as allowing to enter the role of each artist, what to do with existing other artist fields (composer, conductor, lyricist, remixer ...) quodlibet has a nice feature with a people multi-value "virtual" field that contains artists found in other fields.