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Questions / Gmusic doesn't start
August 16, 2014, 11:10:42
GMB was OK during several months , but after a normal update of Kubuntu ,  the starting fails.  Only the icon appears then it disappears after few seconds. 
I tried to desinstall then reinstall, but still KO.
Can  somebody help ?
I got a similar problem, no sound after doing "next" or "skip" . The song played normaly in the progress bar but no sound. I was obliged to restart Gmusic, but the sound was for the first song.
Finally , thanks to staubi I just solved the issue by  adjusting the sound level.
I'm using Kubuntu 14.04 / 64 bits.  The problem appeared after the validation of some pluggin.

May be this story could help !

Thanks for this wonderful music player and moreover, more than a player.
French / Re : message erreur
April 01, 2013, 09:22:32
J'ai été confronté à ce même type d'erreur et  la solution est bien celle de Quentin : dans le menu de configuration / audio / gstreamer : j'avais du essayer "Jack" en sortie , (ce qui causait le pb) . J'ai donc mis "automatique" et tout baigne .