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Hi, guys.  :D

I want to share my custom layout named NoisyBox. It based on BeatBox which its fork--Noise is used in elementaryos Luna project.

Title : NoisyBox
Author : peedanee

It aims to deliver a simple interface for gmusicbrowser. So I'll try to remove redundancy as much as possible. Stay tune for updates.

Version : 1.2


  • Adding "Library" tab
  • Move "Show Equalizer" from Menu to status bar
  • New icon: Nx iconpack. Basically it's an elementary icon modified a bit to make it bigger and clearer. From now on next version will use this icon
Thank you mgrubert for suggesting "Library" tab. :)

Version : 1.1

Minor changes:

  • Adding "Layout" and "Check Library" in Menu
  • Changing "Import Folders" and "About" tips
  • Adding "NoisyBox" category in Layout menu
Thank you ochosi for pointing out relation between G+ and LayoutItem. :)

Version : 1.0


  • Album art view, songtree view and songlist view with genre-artists-album filterpanes
  • Simple menu which contains what we need the most: Import Folders (Multiple folders only) , Rescan Library, Show Equalizer, Preferences and About
  • Artist info panel (show/hide with toggle button)
  • Filter panel and Queue panel (tabbed panes)
  • Show cover in List View
Known bugs (AFAIK):

  • For now "Import Folders" menu only works for multiple folders only. It can't import single folder yet.
  • I want NoisyBox to display no-cover.svg at first run but Cover(default=elementary/no-cover.svg,showcover=0) won't work, IDK whats wrong. In the end I decide to use only Cover without any option.
I'll appreciate comments and suggestions to make NoisyBox better. :)

Special thanks to Quentin Sculo for give me suggestion regarding RunPerlCode(::ChooseAddPath(1,1)) and also for making this great player. Also for elementary team which inspired me to make this layout. :D

that all sounds nice and swell, but where is the layout?  :D

Hi, ochosi. :)

Teehee, my bad.  :-[
I already added attachment for the layout. Screenshots on the way.

looks great (and somewhat similar to shimmer-desktop ;) ) and might fit well into the "make it look like" category!

Yeah, it really is. After I took a good look at shimmer layout and after found out that I can customize the layout. I thought I can make it look like Noise. So here it is.  :)

Next, for simplicity, I plan to remove queue pane once I figure out what "Lists" really does. I tried  "Save current list as" menu but it didn't work. Do you know why?

Oh, another thing I want to ask, is it possible to customize right click context menu?

Can someone help me how to show "no-cover.svg" in NoisyBox-1.0 layout at first run?

I haven't looked at the layout code yet, but it seems you're only showing the cover in the listview (not the treeview-with-cover and not the mosaic view), is that on purpose?

"no-cover.svg" is only supposed to be shown when the currently playing album has no cover/artwork set.

Yes that's in purpose. Because mosaic view already displays big covers and treeview  also has album covers so its pointless to provide them with another cover. :)

Regarding "no-cover.svg", at first run (before import any songs to library) shimmer desktop able to show it while NoisyBox can't do that. I checked my code but can't figure out why. I need another point view from you guys.

I don't think there's a direct problem with the code. If you resize the sidepane that holds the cover-widget (even by 1px), the no-cover.svg shows up. Probably a bug in gmusicbrowser, I'm not 100% sure.

Please change the layout Type to G (instead of G+), G+ is only meant for layouts that contain a "layouts" menu or submenu, so users can switch back and forth without having to go to the layouts tab in the preferences window.

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Can we report bugs through this forum?

Rather than change it to G Type, I decide to add "Layout" menu item in NoisyBox 1.1 . :)

You should add a "quit" item in menu too.
And may be a option to hide/show picture.
And, IMHO, the statut bar on bottom should be an unique widjet instead of two widjets.

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NoisyBox aim to be simple, adding "Quit" item is redundant because every window manager already has close button in title bar. :)
Again there's no option to hide/show picture for the sake of simplicity. One of NoisyBox feature is only show cover picture in List View.

Can you suggest what kind of unique widget that is? I might interested in adding another useful widget.

Every music browser I know doesn't close its window through title bar button but reduce to systray.

I can't see any problem there. If anyone doesn't want gmusicbrowser to minimize to systray, they can disable it in "Preferences". :)
Furthermore Close Button and Quit menu, whether completely close application or reduce it to systray, serve the same purpose that is to get rid applications window from desktop.

The problem is : how to quit gmb if you had chose "close button = reduce to systray" ?
You have to go to the systray and chose "quit".
IMHO a quit item in the menu could be usefull (in my layout I put a quit button on layout).
But if you want to be as close to Beatbox as possible, you can avoid this usefull item.
For reach beatbox layout, don't forget to :
* limit your statut bar to right panel (no statut bar on left panel on Beatbox)
* put random button
* add library tab (beatbox = library + playlists)
* regroup all library item in the menu in a submenu