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Customization / Re: RunPerlCode Documentation
June 08, 2012, 03:28:29
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't understand what you meant back then.  :-[

But I'm glad you found the bug.

I'm looking forward for the next release. :)
Thank you Quentin.
Thank you for your suggestion. :)

This layout is far from complete and I will update it. Just so you know NoisyBox heavily influenced by Noise than Beatbox and I'm not intent to make their duplicate, rather take the best part of them also adding another features if necessary (like layout item in Menu). So in regard of your suggestion:

  • Recent version of Noise and Beatbox has full statusbar.
  • I already put toggle shuffle in NoisyBox. Are they, shuffle and random, behave the same way? If not I will add it.
  • We thought the same thing. :) I plan to add library tab in the next update. I will add folder tab like Quentin explanation here . Folder tab is what you mean about library tab right?
  • Again, for the sake of simplicity NoisyBox won't have Library item in menu.

I really glad you put so much attention in my layout.

I can't see any problem there. If anyone doesn't want gmusicbrowser to minimize to systray, they can disable it in "Preferences". :)
Furthermore Close Button and Quit menu, whether completely close application or reduce it to systray, serve the same purpose that is to get rid applications window from desktop.
NoisyBox aim to be simple, adding "Quit" item is redundant because every window manager already has close button in title bar. :)
Again there's no option to hide/show picture for the sake of simplicity. One of NoisyBox feature is only show cover picture in List View.

Can you suggest what kind of unique widget that is? I might interested in adding another useful widget.
Can we report bugs through this forum?

Rather than change it to G Type, I decide to add "Layout" menu item in NoisyBox 1.1 . :)
Quote from: Quentin Sculo on May 30, 2012, 19:30:23
If you are talking about the folders in the library tab of the settings dialog,...

Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

Thank you for your suggestion. :)

I'll try to include "folder" tab in NoisyBox. Have you check that out? It's still in early version but I'm going to polish it.
Customization / Re: RunPerlCode Documentation
May 31, 2012, 08:38:57
I'm sorry, but I don't know how to run it from terminal.  :-[

I tried to run this:
gmusicbrowser -cmd RunPerlCode(::ChooseAddPath(1,1))

But I got this instead:
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
Yes that's in purpose. Because mosaic view already displays big covers and treeview  also has album covers so its pointless to provide them with another cover. :)

Regarding "no-cover.svg", at first run (before import any songs to library) shimmer desktop able to show it while NoisyBox can't do that. I checked my code but can't figure out why. I need another point view from you guys.
After that I did re-check and re-scan library but the songs stay there...
Thank you. I'm looking forward for the next release. :)
Can someone help me how to show "no-cover.svg" in NoisyBox-1.0 layout at first run?
Customization / Re: RunPerlCode Documentation
May 30, 2012, 06:07:42
Still, the import only works when I select multiple folders then click OK.

When I select single folder then click OK, nothing happens.  :'(
While it's possible to customize settings menu. I want to know if it's possible to customize right-click context menu and how.
Thank you. :)
Yeah, it really is. After I took a good look at shimmer layout and after found out that I can customize the layout. I thought I can make it look like Noise. So here it is.  :)

Next, for simplicity, I plan to remove queue pane once I figure out what "Lists" really does. I tried  "Save current list as" menu but it didn't work. Do you know why?

Oh, another thing I want to ask, is it possible to customize right click context menu?
Hi, ochosi. :)

Teehee, my bad.  :-[
I already added attachment for the layout. Screenshots on the way.