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After that I did re-check and re-scan library but the songs stay there...
While it's possible to customize settings menu. I want to know if it's possible to customize right-click context menu and how.
Thank you. :)
Hi, guys.  :D

I want to share my custom layout named NoisyBox. It based on BeatBox which its fork--Noise is used in elementaryos Luna project.

Title : NoisyBox
Author : peedanee

It aims to deliver a simple interface for gmusicbrowser. So I'll try to remove redundancy as much as possible. Stay tune for updates.

Version : 1.2


  • Adding "Library" tab
  • Move "Show Equalizer" from Menu to status bar
  • New icon: Nx iconpack. Basically it's an elementary icon modified a bit to make it bigger and clearer. From now on next version will use this icon
Thank you mgrubert for suggesting "Library" tab. :)

Version : 1.1

Minor changes:

  • Adding "Layout" and "Check Library" in Menu
  • Changing "Import Folders" and "About" tips
  • Adding "NoisyBox" category in Layout menu
Thank you ochosi for pointing out relation between G+ and LayoutItem. :)

Version : 1.0


  • Album art view, songtree view and songlist view with genre-artists-album filterpanes
  • Simple menu which contains what we need the most: Import Folders (Multiple folders only) , Rescan Library, Show Equalizer, Preferences and About
  • Artist info panel (show/hide with toggle button)
  • Filter panel and Queue panel (tabbed panes)
  • Show cover in List View
Known bugs (AFAIK):

  • For now "Import Folders" menu only works for multiple folders only. It can't import single folder yet.
  • I want NoisyBox to display no-cover.svg at first run but Cover(default=elementary/no-cover.svg,showcover=0) won't work, IDK whats wrong. In the end I decide to use only Cover without any option.
I'll appreciate comments and suggestions to make NoisyBox better. :)

Special thanks to Quentin Sculo for give me suggestion regarding RunPerlCode(::ChooseAddPath(1,1)) and also for making this great player. Also for elementary team which inspired me to make this layout. :D
"Save current list as" menu didn't save any playlist at all. Is it bug?
I couldn't figure out what "Lists" or "Saved lists" really does.
Customization / RunPerlCode Documentation
May 28, 2012, 08:07:18
Hi, I'm new here.

Are there any RunPerlCode documentation of gmusicbrowser available?

I have problem when I try to make custom MenuItem which able to import files and folders and its subfolders to library.
Because RunPerlCode(::ChooseAddPath(0,1)) just won't do the trick.