I made some chances on ID3 on GMB 1.1.8 and when I open the same file on Winamp 5.621 i can't see my changes.

Viewing the file info menu in Winamp I can see on ID3v1 and ID3v2 tab my changes but on Basic Information tab I can't see my changes.

How can i do to update ID3 tags on GMB and see the changes on Winamp.

Thanks in advance.

What fields have you changed ? (title, genre(s), ...)
Can you send me by email one of these files ?

which mail? [email protected] ->>> "Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain"

You can also try [email protected] or @gmusicbrowser.org but @free.fr should work. Maybe the file is too big, in that case you can upload it to free file hosting service (rapidshare, mediafire, ...) and send me the link.

It is because your file has both an id3v2.3 and an id3v2.4 tag, (the id3v2.4 tag was probably created by a program adding the replaygain info as it's nearly the only thing in it), and gmb only writes to first one in the file (and the id3v1), I should probably make it writes to all tags.