I think it would be really helpful to have menu accelerators, especially for users who use a laptop, so that they can minimize mouse usage.

I'm currently using ubuntu + xfce4 and can't find a way to access the menu bar without mouse. Usually applications have predefined menu accelerators (specific menus have underlined letters and the menu is opened by pressing alt+letter).

Also the same thing happens when I search in songtree; I can't go to the the next entry without pressing tab and selecting the next button (for example those hotkeys in firefox are alt+n and alt+p for next and previous).

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I was never quite sure how well the menus would handle multiple menus having the same accelerators, which could easily happen with customizable menus and the translations. But the real reason I removed the few accelerators there was once, was because it caused crashes with the way I created the menu's content dynamically, I think I solved this problem some time ago to make global menus work, so I should take a look at adding accelerators to menus. (And I recently improved the translation support so that a context may be attached to a translation, that should help too)
About searching in the songtree, I'll see how easy it is to add, but you can use ctrl-g ctrl-shift-g, that works everywhere : firefox, chromium. alt-n/p only works in firefox when passing through ctrl-g, not when using the type-ahead (typing when no text entry has the focus, that has to be enabled) or "/" (not sure if it works by default)