When I select songs from a songlist and I drag them into a list item in the "Saved lists" part of the "Saved" filter pane, I get the error

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Can't use string ("429") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/anne/trasdahl/bin/gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser_songs.pm line 2988.
***  ignoring at ./gmusicbrowser.pl line 1304.

where 429 is the song id of the first song in the selection. A bug I presume?

Thanks for the quick fix!

I have discovered two more issues related saved lists:

1) Sometimes, a list seems to be changed automatically when you browse your collection. I have only observed this when creating the list by "Save current list as". I can create the list, edit it to remove all songs, close the "Edit list" window, reset the filter, click around in the filter panes a bit, then click the list again, and voila: the list is no longer empty.

2) When you add songs to a saved list (created with "New list"), and you click the list in the "Saved" tree to see the songs, then the last songs you added to the list don't show, even if you have reset the filter in the mean time. It seems I have to select a filter (not another saved list) in the "Saved" tree, and then go back to the concerned list to see the changes.

The 2 are the same bug, the filter cache wasn't flushed when a saved list is modified, so you are seeing the old result.
it is fixed in git. Thanks.