Never used foobar2000 but I have found a layout for GMusicBrowser that was inspired by it...

Thanks to s7dhansh at deviantart for the creation...

Yes, but Foobar2000 is heavyly customisable and people using it make their own layout.
Look at mine (I don't have windows or foobar2000 anymore, but when I used it...) :

'Heavily customisable...'  Kind of like GMB....  8)

Yes. I only miss Foobar2000 since I leave Windows, until I meet GMB (and until I learn to customize GMB).
Now nothing miss me.

(note : the customization was more easy in Foobar2000)

yes I never used foobar2000, I've heard about it some time before creating the SongTree, which is partly inspired by foobar2000.
I briefly tested it at the time, and it was not easy at all to customize at the time, but I heard it has become much easier since then. Hopefully it'll be the same for gmb :)

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Yes, it wasn't easy to customize, but more than GMB.
First : all will be done on GUI, like a WYSIWYG. For instance

  • Horizontal (Main, HB/HP)

    • Horizontal (Second HB/HP)

      • Widjet 1
      • Widjet 2
    • Vertical (Second VB/VP)

      • Widjet 3
      • Tab

        • Widjet 4
        • Widjet 5
Second : in each Horizontal/Vertical/Widjet/Tab, you can, in GUI, choose all options : title (on/off, if on, what title), police, color, hsize : fixed or %, vsize : fixed or %, etc.

Not easy, but more easy than gmb (especially for options : there is no suffisant documentation for gmb's options).

But gmb rocks (each time I can, I talk about GMB on Ubuntu, Mint, etc. forum :). See

I have found the docs to be sufficient and even more the comparison of others work and learning by trial and error has helped me..

Yes, sure.
Me : there are a lot of option in widjets I copy/paste from other works but I don't understand them  (for instance :  for filterpane what's the difference beetween the option "page" and the option "pages" ? I don't know). And comprehension is important to progress :)

I agree mgrubert...  I test a lot of different things that I have found and get pieces of different things to work and do not always understand how it works, but that it does.. 

A wiki to explain it would be nice but I think time is the issue for everyone

page is the current page, pages is the list of pages.
These kind of options can be set by the user, and you can look in the gmbrc file to see the saved values, although the format is a bit differrent ("page: album" instead of "page=album")
Don't hesitate to ask a quick question on irc

I plan to update the layout doc a bit for the coming "stable" release