I am using since almost  6 months or so, Aweditorium on my ipad. As i don't like at all listeing to music on my ipad, is indeed a nice way to just start the app throw it in a corner and discovering new music. As i am using gmusicbrowser since a few years now, i thought it would be an easy to implement fullscreen plugin.

The main idea is simply to set up some filters (such as added in the last months or so) and then start the fullscreen display of all albums. Similar to the app one song is played and then a new album is loaded.

To give a better understanding of the behaviour i post a link to this app, i hope i am allowed to do this. I am not at all want to do some advertising here or something similar. My main goal is to find some guys who like the idea of this plug in and start setting it up with me. (http://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/aweditorium/id399946763?mt=8)

best regards lukas

i looked at the page but to be honest it wasn't very descriptive and the screenshot basically showed a mosaic-mode (check out shimmerproject's party fullscreen-layout). what else is there? would you mind posting some screenshots or more detailed descriptions of what you want from that fullscreen-mode?

theoretically speaking, if you set up a filter and then start the shimmer party fullscreen-layout i don't see what would make that different from the app you described...

k, found some screenshots now (something wasn't working well on the apple-website before).

do you know where the artist/album-related information/pictures come from? last.fm or some other service?

I'm not quite sure where the related information come from. I am working on a visual description about the vision which i have in mind. I also discovered the realted album queue plugin yesterday. will probably post by tomorrow evening a detailed description. It goes in the direction of the shimmer fullscreen party mode. Therefore it is possible to use it as a starting point.

Now this is really a fast made draft of the vision... Main idea is really to discover your collection visually. First settings to made are set filters, which one likes to discover; like genres, added and so one and set the behaviour of the the discovery process like how many tracks one would like to listen from each album. On the second View, the discovered Album is shown. A Large album cover is shown, with additional band and album information. After, let's say three tracks from the album, another one is loaded.

Hope this clarifies the vision in mind a bit.

Interessting would be to use every kind of visual information. Is it possible to add Youtube content?

best lukas