Some people have yet work on a script to get tags from lastfm. Take a look here :

I try with a autofill number = 15. It's (very) good if you begin with an artist connected to many others, but bad if you begin with poor connection.

I hope you will find time to work on similary-tags and if you could merge the two it will be great.

An idea (if the two similarity-mode exist) : when one similarity mode give less than 10 artists, extend the similarity to the other similarity mode.

I've got a very good XP with this plugin (when the first artist is connected to many others). I rediscover a lot of songs of my library.

I'm now completely addicted to.

i looked into the api for the similar tags thing and to be honest i can't imagine how this could be useful.

in the example for artist.getTopTags you'll find extremely useless tags like "best mouth in rock" or various versions of the name "aleister crowley", also tags like "great voice" and "sexy". really not sure how this could be used to match anything else.

for album.getTopTags there are quite a few tags like "albums i own" (that's actually the top entry!) or "cd collection" etc.

i brought up these two examples now because i don't think that just using/probing the number 1 tag makes sense, i guess using more tags would give the whole thing more accuracy. if you just wanna use genres then it's probably best to just use your local genres (have fun tagging your lib with genres ;) ) and not rely on the very messy tags.

i don't see many alternatives at the moment, at least not via

by request of laite i added an option to exclude the "seed"-artist from the queue. (meaning: if you want to listen to artists similar to "Bob Dylan" but not "Bob Dylan" himself.)

i adapted the code in the testing-branch to work with quentin's latest changes, so basically the queuemode in the artistinfo-plugin now works without changes to the core.

feel free to check it out. i'll upload new packages to the ppa in the upcoming days.

you can grab the plugin either from my github repo ( or directly from gmusicbrowser's git repo.

Hum, I just reinstall GMB on my LMDE boot, and if I put on my ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins, the new options ("show only similar artists present in library" and "enqueue similar artist") doesn't appear in GMB.
I try to rename the file (thinking there is a problem because of the original but it doesn't work.
An idea ?

well i assume you already have an older version of the plugin installed in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins, so it's possible that plugins in ~/ don't override that.

it'd be best to just update the plugin there i guess. (or if you try gmb from git you have the new version of the plugin anyway).

Has anyone found a way to make similar-artists be the default in Queue mode?


sorry for the late reply. this is an interesting point, because "remember queue between sessions" doesn't really take care of that.
i'm not sure it's really possible to set a default queue-mode at the moment.

It's not a big deal to set it... but it would be nice!

I really like this plugin... especially now that you can adjust how many additional similar artists

Thank you for the development!

It seems to work to put


at the end of the "Start" procedure. Perhaps there could be a conditional there as well, and a check box in the preferences to let the user decide if he wants it to be default or not.

right. i thought you meant something like a global option to set the preferred queue-mode as default (not just for similar-artists).
i guess it's possible to implement something like trasdahl proposed.

quentin, what do you think?

I'm not sure I understand what you want, why exactly is the "remember queue" option not what you want ?
is it because it saves the songs currently in the queue ?
is it because you want this mode as the default on startup even if it wasn't on on shutdown ?
or/and something else ?