Sunshine is deprecated, please use Sunshine2 instead.
Sunshine2 :

'Sunshine' is a plugin for gmusicbrowser. I have only tested it with gmb 1.1.7, so feel free to report any problems.

** How to install:

1) Copy to /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins
2) Copy *.png to /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix
3) Restart gmb
4) Enable sunshine from Preferences -> Plugins
** How to use:

Sunshine has two main features: it allows user to listen to music before going to sleep and automatically start playback in the morning.

First section of plugin preferences concerns, as it's title suggests, going to sleep, and second section is for waking up. Options should be pretty self-explanatory (I think).

Third section has info about currently ongoing things - don't be alarmed if nothing changes when you start countdown/alarm, it refreshes only when you exit and re-enter plugins preferences (for example selecting another plugin and returning).

** Advanced

You can put custom buttons to your layout for starting sleep-mode, alarm or both. Possible buttons you can add are named: SunshineSleep, SunshineSleepAlarm and SunshineAlarm, with images 'plugin-sleep.png', 'plugin-sleep-alarm.png' and 'plugin-alarm.png' respectively.


Hope it works, I'm just a beginner at coding... :)


Ohh, that's cool!

My two cents: possibility decrease volume as time passes. I myself have a problem sleeping to music because the sleepier I get, the more sensitive I am to loud noises, and what was fine at the start begins to actually wake me back up.

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I rewrote first post completely, as it was really premature... Now this plugin should be working quite well, hope somebody will find it useful :)

Feel free to suggest features / report problems!

edit: Final note about 'using alarm without sleep mode': since it (as well as 'going to sleep') uses just gmusicbrowsers PlayPause-function it can be used as stopping playback as well as starting it, depending on which state playback currently is (playing or paused).

Yet another version is here, and sunshine should be pretty stable now  :)

This almost starts to feel spamming, but... another version with daily wakeups has appeared! :D

And we have a final version (0.2), since my #ToDo is empty :)

If you have suggestions/bugs to report, then please feel free, otherwise I guess this is, as they say, it.