hi there,

is there a way to rewrite this code, so that the pages=added is always grouped by day? This would be very helpful so i didn't have to set it at every start up.

HBgenreartistalbum = _FPane0(hide=1,pages=genre) _FPane1(hide=1,pages=artist,nb=2) _FPane2(hide=1,pages=album,nb=3) _FPane3(hide=1,pages=added)

thanks for your responses

For versions v1.0.x, you have to add this line :
Default = FPane3 addedtimespan=day
(if there is already a "Default" line, put it in the same line)
But it will only work if the layout hasn't been used before, else it will use the previous setting.

Which made me wonder why you "have to set it at every start up". It turns out there was a small overlooked bug which prevented saving setting of FPanes dates and rating pages.
I've just fixed it in git : http://git.gmusicbrowser.org/commit/9509f9f17773c5d12d6011840c7517dd7641cd47.
Let me know if you need help using this fix. You can download a snapshot tarball from the sourceforge git repo : http://gmusicbrowser.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/v1.0.x

I still don't know if I'll release an updated v1.0.x version, there is now 3 small bugs fixed in git for this branch for those interested.


work's just perfect now (I've changed gmusicbrowser_list.pm)! thank's a lot.

I hope you never stop working on this, "almost perfect" but a lot better than anything else i know, Musicplayer-Phaenomena! ;D

If there is any non-programming work to do i'm would be glad to help you.

greetings and happy holidays