Hey folks. Amazon.com has an online MP3 store that requires a client to purchase albums. I currently use a Linux distribution that is not supported by their client (and run into dependency hell if trying to force it). Although there is no client specific to my distro, Banshee has built in support that works just fine. I'm not sure if the Amazon support can be lifted from the Banshee project, but it would be really nice to see it in gmusicbrowser , whether out of the box or as a plug-in.

Thanks a ton for a wonderful client that doesn't choke on large collections, and thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.


I'll probably implement it as a plugin, but I can't say when.

Just as a side note, I notice that you are the respondent to most peoples inquiries. Are you working on this project solo?

As I just said on irc, mostly yes.