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The lyrics plugin points to which is no longer working...
When i copy/paste the URL in a browser, the lyrics displays.
From gmb though, I get a blank page with the text in the middle.

Yes, I saw that. The page it returns use javascript to load the lyrics :(
That probably means they don't want everybody to use their website.
Most of the other sites are not working too, I'll have to take a look at it, suggestions for good sites are welcome.

Tonight, the site is working in gmb...
As for alternate lyric sites, may be a good choice...
They have a large selection of lyrics.

The first letters of each word must be uppercase and spaces are replaced with a - (dash).
Here are some examples:

I haven't seen work again. has a good database, but the search is almost useless, and it's very picky about the url, it is case-sensitive, and though most of the word are capitalized, some small words are sometimes not.
So if I add it it will work for maybe 50% of the songs :(
maybe I'll add it anyway as the few others that still work are not much better.

I sent you the translation - Portuguese (Brazil). In the email, talked about the url using encoding iso-8859-1. The lyrics plugin uses utf-8 (if I remember correctly). Is there any solution? The letter appears in the plugin but there are some characters that have problems. works perfectly in webcontext. Why?
What is the difference between the plugin Lyrics and the plugin Webcontext/Lyrics ?

Congratulations! The player is very good.

thanks for the translation, it's now in git.
lyrics-songs, which I've fixed yesterday, is actually it looks very similar to I haven't seen encoding problems with If you see one, please send me a url that has the problem.

webcontext simply embed a web engine (gecko from firefox or webkit) so the pages work just as in a web browser, with all the annoying ads and without the possibility of using plugins such as flashblock... Also it is sometimes not easy to install the required libraries.

the lyrics plugin is partly an extremely simple/bad web engine written by me, partly a lyrics extractor from web pages. And it can also save/load lyrics to a file. It will probably become more a lyrics extractor, though the legality of this is not very clear.

some examples:
words with "ç", "ã", "É", "ó", "á", "í", ...
Directly from the site is perfect. In the lyrics plugin appears "?" to replace those letters.

PS: I used the following lines within the file
   letras_terra   =>   ['letras_terra','',undef,
             sub { my $no= $_[0]=~m/href="envie_artista.php"/s; $_[0]=~s!^.*.<p>(.*?)</p>.*$!$1!s && !$no; }],

Is this correct or should I change it?

It's just that the page use html entities that I've not added to gmb :(
I'll probably use the HTML::Entities perl module in the future to get the full list.

I got it ... Using Google. A redirection to the website of

Put the following lines to file [a] [/ u]:

   google   =>   ['google','',undef,
             sub { my $no= $_[0]=~m/; $_[0]=~s!^.*.id="main_cnt">(.*?)id="pub_9">.*$!$1!s && !$no; }],

Test and tell me if it worked.

PS: I corrected a few lines of translation and resent.

it doesn't work well for me.
I'm not sure what you want to achieve, is the site used by the "lyrics-songs" source in gmb (there was some problem when using the url, there was a failed redirection to, so it now use the url directly), and with a recent update ( it now removes everything but the lyrics with this source.

I've commited the translation update, thanks.

Two things that could help us:
1) a button to save the lyrics in the webcontext plugin > lyrics
2) I use the desktop widget and I would like to see the lyrics of the webcontext plugin > lyrics because lyricsplugin it works well.

is it possible?

Quote from: cesargcomp on August 31, 2010, 16:52:08
1) a button to save the lyrics in the webcontext plugin > lyrics
This would save the whole page, not just the lyrics, which is not very nice.
Also I'm not even sure that the library for webkit or mozembed allows the saving of the current page, that is the page including the dynamic elements that been loaded by javascript as lyricsplugin now does.

Quote from: cesargcomp on August 31, 2010, 16:52:08
2) I use the desktop widget and I would like to see the lyrics of the webcontext plugin > lyrics because lyricsplugin it works well.
is it possible?
It is already possible to include it in a desktop layout. But of course without the transparency that the lyrics widget can have. I don't know if it is possible to make the webcontext widget transparent, and don't have much hope that it is.

what about and and ?

Would it be possible to sort lyrics sites with priority and in case that the first one doesn't find a lyric, then try the second one etc