The Insensitive, Song, & Cover plugin displays song information on the desktop but not the cover art.
Any idea which file I need to change/edit in order to get the cover to display?

The Button, Song, & Cover plugin does display the cover art.
I'm using GMB 1.1.5 on Fedora 13.

in general you'll find the layouts in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/layouts (or whatever your path to your gmusicbrowser-installation on fedora might be).

there you can look for layouts that contain the line

you can then save your own layouts in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/yourlayout.layout - either more in one file or all in different files, that's up to you. after a restart you should be able to select the newly added/modified desktop-widget-layout.

and to finally get to your question: i experience the same behavior and so far haven't been able to fix it, might be a bug.

It is possible that the problem comes from the minimal size that can be set for the layout in the plugin option, try to increase it, both width and height.

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Thanks ochosi and Quentin, I was able to get the cover art to display by editing /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/layout and commenting out the last two lines of [D_insens_song_cover] and then inserting the VBmain line from [D_buttons_song_cover]. I also increased maxsize from 0 to 100.

Quote#VBText          = 2HBTitle 2HBArtist 2HBAlbum
#VBmain         = VBText _Cover(maxsize=0,xalign=0,yalign=0)
VBmain           = HBbuttons 2HBTitle 2HBArtist 2HBAlbum -Cover(forceratio=1,maxsize=100)

It's not an elegant solution, but it works. :)