I am using the AlexC-base layout, and I resize some panels dragging their borders to the edge of the gmb window, making it as if they aren't even there.

However, when I close gmb and start it again, those panels will be there again.

It also happened with quodlibet-like layout, but not with "with browser".

I didn't have time to test all layouts one by one (and some of them do not have resizable panels).

Also, AlexC-compact (I think that's the name) has everything completely maximized, with no title bar or anything.  I tried changing the resolution of it, but it's like it was trying to be a fullscreen layout. I don't know how it got that way. The only way to change layouts was deleting it (which is why I don't know the exact name of the layout).

(If there's anything that's completely essential, in my opinion, is a visual way to create layouts, I hope you'll get around to it eventually).

There was a small bug that made it not restore the correct position when the position was 0. The bug also existed in v1.1.x, but for other reasons did not appear with the AlexC-base layout.
I fixed it both in v1.0.x (http://git.gmusicbrowser.org/commit/7c1935dd56) and v1.1.x (http://git.gmusicbrowser.org/commit/f3a3520d6b)

btw about the AlexC-base layout, replacing this line :
HPpart          = VBpart2 VBpart3
HPpart          = _VBpart2 VBpart3
makes it behave a little better when resizing the window (the center part gets all the extra width)

About the AlexC-base-compact layout, it seems you somehow made it fullscreen, the only way to revert it is to un-fullscreen the same way. That is done with the command ToggleFullscreen, that you can bind to a keyboard shortcut for example.
But it's strange, you say that the only way to change the layout was to removing it, but AlexC-base-compact has a preferences button and a menu so, even in fullscreen, it shouldn't be a problem.

In any case, if you're stuck with a layout, there are many ways to change it, you can use the -layout command-line option or send a command to tell it to change layout, or even edit the ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/tags (v1.0.x) or ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc (v1.1.x)

And yes, a visual way to create/edit layouts will exist eventually, but it does require much more work.


Actually I modified AlexC layout a tad bit so it's better suited to my taste now.

And I can't believe I didn't think about it being fullscreen. If I ever run into the same problem again, I'll know how to proceed now.