Hi All, after trying several musicplayer, I only see that gmusicbrowser satisfies my needs.
I have a NAS with around 30k songs (according to Banshee), but gmusicbrowser can only see 3861 ???
What's wrong?
When I tried to force play from the File Browser sometimes an error shows, but not all the time...
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi, gmusicbrowser only supports a few file formats : mp3, ogg, flac, mpc, ape, and in v1.1.x, m4a, maybe that is the problem ?
What does the error says ?

They are all mp3, a couple of .ogg, but not "exotics"
I have compared the codec properties and bitrate of songs that are in the library and songs that are not:: no diff.

The error message that appears is something like "/" is not a file but a directory. And other behaviour is also that the "force play" will show up as: <blank> by <blank> in the player area.

Perhaps I should ditch the library on my client. Where is this located?

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That's strange, can you copy the entire error message ?
Or even better, run gmusicbrowser from a terminal like this : gmusicbrowser 2>gmb.log and send me the resulting gmb.log ?

Quote from: Careless2000 on June 16, 2010, 06:55:06
Perhaps I should ditch the library on my client. Where is this located?
~/.config/gmusicbrowser/tags for v1.0.x
~/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc for v1.1.x

what version are you running btw ?

Right, took some time. I deleted gmb from my system and reinstalled, deleted the library, etc.
So now, I'm back, sane and well... But the problem still exists.
Therefore I have created the gmb.log.
Some remarks on this attached file:

  • Original van 11Mb. big, this makes sense as my library is 25.000 songs and only 3781 are playable
  • Nearly all the no playable, so the ones where I use File Explorer to say play in GMB are in the list
  • I have edited the log, to the relevant sections
I hope this helps! I want to use GMB!

BTW. I'm running the latest repository version, 102

Thanks, there is something strange going on, and I'd like to understand what it is.
QuoteFile '/mnt/freenas/audio/Madonna/Madonna - True Blue/02 - Open Your Heart.mp3' does not exist or cannot be read.
it seems some of your files fail the perl "-r" test which test if the file is readable. But as you say banshee has no problem with it, maybe the file is readable in spite of this.
Can you run the small attached script and give me the result ? It simply test each file in a directory for -r -R and open, and also do a "ls -l" on it.
run it as : perl testdir.pl  (from where you saved it)
it will look by default at "/mnt/freenas/audio/Madonna/Madonna - True Blue/" which seems to contain files that pass and files that fail the -r test, according to your log,

He He He, that pulled out the problem!
The file that were not playable (although they were in Banshee) only had wrx permission for the owner: 12:root and no rights for groups and others. Now chmod on a few of these files and VoilĂ : GMB was detecting them in the next startup!
Strange that Banshee did play them, but I won't worry about that anymore!
Thanks for you help and insight!