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Suggestions / Beets media organizer
November 21, 2011, 16:48:07
I thought this might be interesting for people here, either as an external tool or including it inside GMB. I haven't tried it myself but looks interesting.

Questions / Queue: normal operation mode?
May 09, 2011, 21:57:29
Hi. I'm not sure what's the intended mode operation for the queue in normal mode, but I thought it would play all enqueued songs and go back to the play list at the point where it jumped to play the queue. I don't know if older GMB versions did this or it's my imagination. Now, enqueuing a song jumps to that song in the play list.

Let's say my playlist has songs A, B, C, D, E, F,... and while A is playing E is sent to the queue, I would expect to hear A, E, B, C, D and so on. Instead I hear A, E, F,...
I don't know if this has been already reported. When you have two albums with the same name and different artist the album browser messes when I double click one of of them. The list of songs shows the album I want but it starts playing both albums from both artists. I'm using last git version.

I've just noticed this today. I was using a recent git version and I've updated to the latest right now to try. When I start gmb the volume goes automatically to 90% from whatever level it had, I adjust it with the multimedia keys or from the volume tray icon and whenever a song starts it resets again to 90%. I use the gstreamer backend with pulseaudio, it doesn't happen with other backends.

I have no idea where's the fault, anyone?
Suggestions / Jamendo
April 23, 2010, 19:35:24
It might seem a crazy idea, but there's this big music library called Jamendo ( that I'd like to access from gmbrowser. There's an API to it ( and there's some players that support it although I haven't tried any of them, maybe someone else has. I don't know how difficult would it be implementing this backend in gmb but I think it would be a cooler feature than radio streaming and it would integrate better into gmb.

I'm using Pulseaudio but sometimes I also start Jack and it's like Pulseaudio is left in a suspended state without terminating, this is on Debian SID.

With gmb set to audio autodetection I can't get it to play thru Jack, but selecting Jack output it works. Maybe autodetection is trying Pulseaudio since the process is still running.

I have some songs from the same album and artist that are shown in different albums, I think it's because some songs have APE tags while the others don't. It's the only difference I can notice. Is this a bug?