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Questions / layout doc for new version?
June 10, 2010, 00:44:05
Hi there,i tried gmb 1.1.5 recently and found that some widget options do not work, Cover(minsize=... ) etc,most of options work as before.How can i set size of cover and is there a layout doc for new version at the moment?
Besides,would you please add the ability for songtree to work as a playlist in the v1.0.x git?That is what i'm using, i really love its design and want to use it to replace songlist completely.
Keep up the good work!
Customization / amarok2-like final version
June 03, 2010, 17:32:35
I've modified my amarok2-like layout,make it tidier,and no more scrambled font,hope you like it.
Here is a screenshot.


Type = G
Title = Playing %S by %a from %l
Default = Window pos=232x42,size=815x517 HPPanes1 577_234 HPPanes0 228_349 LabelTime remaining= VPPanes0 340_101 SongList follow=1,cw_artist=200,cw_date=40,cols=playandqueue_track_titleorfile,cw_titleorfile=174,cw_pic=39,cw_ufile=400,cw_length=87,cw_titleaa=200,cw_picinfo=143,cw_rating=80,sort=1_12_13_0,cw_playandqueue=17,cw_track=20,cw_=200,cw_playcount=100,cw_title=215,cw_lastplay=100 FPane0 page=album,hidebb=1,albummpsize=64,min=1,albumsort=alpha,albuminfo=1,albumpsize=32,pages=album

HPPanes1 = _HPPanes0 _VBcon2
HPPanes0 = _VBcon0 _VBcon1
VPPanes0    = _Cover _AABox(aa=artist)

VBcon0 = HBButtons1 HBButtons0 _FPane0(searchbox=1,nb=1,pages=album,hide=1)
VBcon1      = HBTitle HBAA _VPPanes0
VBcon2      = HBIndic HBTime Pos(xalign=0.5) Stars _SongTree
VSize0 = Play Playlist ResetFilter PlayFilter HBTitle HBAA
HSize0 = 4 Filler1 Filler2

HBButtons1 = Fullscreen BContext(toggle=1) OpenQueue(toggle=1) Playlist(toggle=1) Pref Quit
HBButtons0 = Prev Stop Play Next Choose ChooseRandAlbum
HBIndic      = ResetFilter Sort Filler2 4Filter 4Queue 4Vol _VolSlider(1,1)
HBTime      = PlayFilter _Scale
HBTitle = _Title -Label1(markup=%m) -Label2(text=/) -LabelTime(xalign=1)
HBAA = _Artist Filler1 _Album

Customization / A new layout Named Robot
June 03, 2010, 13:22:44
Updated:This layout has been rewritten.Have a look at new pictures i've updated.
And i renamed it as Robot,the Playing position slider its mouth,cover one eye opened,another eye closed on the other side.Playlist its body and another hidden pane perhaps its shield which is not necessary to take all the time :)


Type = G
Title = Playing %S by %a from %l
Default = Window hidden=VBright:294x527,pos=328x103,size=492x531 HPmain 334_154 LabelTime remaining= QueueList cw_artist=200,cw_bitrate=30,cw_date=40,cols=playandqueue_titleaa_bitrate_length,cw_albumpicinfo=172,cw_ufile=400,cw_length=67,cw_titleaa=365,cw_album=200,cw_rating=276,sort=1_11_12_13_0,cw_playandqueue=20,cw_track=22,cw_playcount=100,cw_title=275,cw_lastplay=100 TBlist page=2 SongList0 cw_artist=135,cw_bitrate=30,cw_date=40,cols=playandqueue_titleaa_bitrate_length,cw_titleorfile=200,cw_albumpicinfo=80,cw_albumpic=44,cw_ufile=400,cw_length=49,cw_titleaa=365,cw_album=192,cw_rating=80,sort=,cw_playandqueue=20,cw_track=22,cw_playcount=100,cw_title=238,cw_lastplay=100 SongList1 cw_artist=133,cw_bitrate=30,cw_date=40,cols=playandqueue_titleaa_bitrate_length,cw_titleorfile=200,cw_albumpic=44,cw_ufile=400,cw_length=67,cw_titleaa=365,cw_album=196,cw_rating=80,sort=1_12_13_0,cw_playandqueue=20,cw_track=22,cw_playcount=110,cw_title=238,cw_lastplay=100 FPane0 artistsort=alpha,artistinfo=1,page=album,hidebb=1,albummpsize=64,min=1,artistmpsize=64,albumsort=alpha,albuminfo=1,albumpsize=32,artistpsize=0,pages=artist|album|genre|folder|savedtree

#main layout (left and right container)
HPmain      = VBleft VBright

#left container
VBleft = HBcon _VBlist

#controls Choose -QueueFilter -Refresh -OpenQueue(size=small-toolbar,toggle=1)
HBcon = Cover(minsize=155) _-VBcon
VBcon      = HBbuttons 2HBindic Filler11 _HBtitle _HBartist _HBalbum HBtime

HBindic = Filler6 Stars(xalign=0,yalign=0) -Filler10 -Pos(font=bold,xalign=1,yalign=1)
HBbuttons      = Filler0 Vol Filler9 Prev(size=small-toolbar) Stop(size=small-toolbar) Play(size=small-toolbar) Next(size=small-toolbar) -TogButton0(icon=gtk-fullscreen,widget=VBright,resize=h) -Pref(size=small-toolbar) -ChooseRandAlbum(size=small-toolbar) -Playlist(size=small-toolbar,toggle=1) -BContext(size=small-toolbar,toggle=1)
HBtime      = Filler5 _Scale LabelTime(font=bold,xalign=1) Label2(text=/,font=bold) Label1(markup=%m,font=bold) Filler4
HBtitle = Filler1 _Title Filler13 Label4(text=Track,font=bold) Filler7 Label3(markup=%n,font=bold) Filler8
HBartist = LockArtist _Artist(minsize=1p) Filler14 Label0(markup=%g,font=bold) Filler2
HBalbum = LockAlbum _Album Filler15 Label5(markup=%y,font=bold) Filler3
HSize0 = LockArtist LockAlbum Filler1
VSize0 = 2 Filler11
HSize1 = 2 Filler2 Filler3 Filler4 Filler7 Filler8 Filler9 Filler10
HSize3 = 13 Filler6
HSize4 = 3 Filler12
HSize5 = 4 Filler13 Filler14 Filler15
HSize2 = 14 Filler5 Filler0
VolumeScroll = HBbuttons

#left tabs EditList Length(font=bold,xalign=0)
VBlist = _TBlist HBtime
HBsearch = _FBox -2Sort -Filler12 -5Filter -5Queue -ResetFilter -Refresh
VBsonglist = _SongList1(songypad=1) HBsearch
VBplaylist = _SongList0(mode=playlist,songypad=1,group=1) EditListButtons0(small=1,group=1)
VBqueue = _QueueList(songypad=1,group=0) HBqueue
HBqueue = EditListButtons1(small=1,group=0) QueueActions
TBlist = "SongList" VBsonglist "PlayList" VBplaylist "Queue" VBqueue

#right container
VBright = _FPane0(searchbox=1,nb=1,pages=artist|album|genre|folder|savedtree,hide=1)
#TBright = "Artist" FPane0(searchbox=1,nb=1,pages=artist,hide=1) "Album" FPane1(searchbox=1,nb=2,pages=album,hide=1) "Genres" FPane2(nb=3,pages=genre,hide=1) "Folder" FPane3(nb=1,pages=folder,hide=1) "Saved" FPane4(nb=1,pages=savedtree,hide=1)