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I've just come looking for the same thing. I can't find this option anywhere!
Hii, this has happened about 5 times now, in the last three months or so I've been using the program. My current computer crashes a lot due to a hardware fault, but I'm stuck with that until I can afford a replacement. When I start up GMB, it's like the first run. My library is empty (I keep my music files on an external drive) and all preferences have vanished. The reason I like this software is that it's very customisable, and I spent ages setting it up how I like it!

Firstly, how do I back up my preferences to stop this happening? And secondly, can it be prevented?

I have several compilations, which completely clog up the artist list with about ten times as many artists, and make browsing by individual artist impossible. As a workaround, I've created two groupings, one for compilations and one for other albums, but it's a clunky fix.

All my compilations have the correct MP3 tag. Is there a way I can tell the browser to separate them? Before I moved to Linux, I used iTunes which has  "Compilations" at the top of the artist list when the option "group compilations" is checked. It's the only thing I miss about that particular piece of junk! Something similar would be handy, and surely not impossible to implement within a custom layout?

All suggestions gratefully received!