First I wish to thank you for this fine piece of software.

I would ask for something that I guess a lot classical and jazz listerners would appreciate.
As you know, in these types of music the composer, performer and also conductor tags are
very important to sort a library.
My wish is that these tags would be considered and treated in the same way the artist tag is treated
for the moment.
Actually one musician (or group) can appear with different status in different songs : sometimes as performer, sometimes as composer...
My wish is that the information carried in theses tags would be mixed with the artist information into a category ("personnal") wich could appear in the same way the artists currently appears. When one would click on a "personnal" entry, one could see songs where he/she/they appear as artist, as performer, as composer...

Maybe a first step would be that the composer tag may be treated as the artist tag is treated as far as the seperator "," and "&" are concerned. For the moment when a composer appears in different songs with differents
co-credits, it is not considered as one person :
"Georges Gershwin" and "Georges Gershwin and Ira Gershwin" are considered as two different entries.

Best wishes,

Yes, I plan to do something similar but more generic, so that each song can have a list of "role:artist" (same role can appear multiple times). Though there are of course some problems to solve to do that so it's not really progressing currently.
The artist separation is imperfect and messy, so I don't really want to extend it to other artist fields as it will be more stuff to deprecate once a proper solution is implemented.