Hello I would like to understand how gmb is working to customize my library.I read wiki and posts in forums but i think it's difficult in english for me and I don't understand easyly layout's syntax.For example I don't have indications of number of tracks and total time for a playlist.I would like begin to change this in a first time so that I will understand layout's working.
I 'm looking for explanations for beginner because wiki is so hard for me for the moment.
Can you indicate me websites or documentations or give me ratings to begin to understand gmb and my first layout to create.
I have already leave wiiki of this forum in the top of the page but i'm lost and frustrated not to understand .
Sorry for my english.Thanks
Fédora 17 LXDE
"Chercher à comprendre c'est commencer à désobéir"

Seems like Your native language is french, right?

If this is the case and You have a specific question You can ask Quentin (the one who made gmusicbrowser ;-) ) directly, since he's a native french speaker as well...

Why he has to send private messages? Thats the reason why you have a forum. Maybe I'm also interested in this. Or somebody else over 3 months.