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Quote from: gman2001 on January 11, 2017, 18:14:52

The problem I run into is that in the settings under the Audio tab, Alsa is not listed in the dropdown list of output devices.  Available options are:

auto detect

Today, 2,5 years later I installed Debian with has less packages installed from scratch, and I ran into your issue and was forced to hunt down a solution. Luckily I still had my previous Mint install so I could simply compare what alsa-related packages were installed there. Turns out you need the gstreamer1.0-alsa package to get the config option in gmb.

sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-alsa
Have you tried booting a LiveCD and install gmb and see if alsa shows up? (To rule out that something is messy with your current install.)
I am trying to find a way to implement sorting for large boxsets (that I for various reasons want to be able to access as a first group and then drill down to the album level). In foobar on Windows I managed to create rules that filtered according a custom-made tag "boxset" which held the title of the boxset; all files that had that tag not empty would display in a pane, and from there I could drill down into any collection and choose albums.

But I find that GMB (1.1.15) does not seem to bother with using my tags. I have created custom fields with various versions of my boxset tag, but after reboot I cannot use any of them for creating a tab in the Library module (middle pane). They simply don't show up in the right-click menu of "+ Add tab". They do show up when I create colums in the lower half of the window, but they do not fetch the data from the tags, even though on advanced inspection the data is there.

The best I have achieved in getting the effect I want is putting the title of the Boxset in the Grouping tag, but that does not feel optimal.

Does anyone have tips on how to implement a tab with boxset titles (to be where the Grouping tab is in the screenshot)?