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First up before I ask my question as this is my first post here I figure it's only right that I give thanks for one of my two absolute favourite pieces of software in the world. I've used it pretty much every day for the last decade as the whole world seems to have gone crazy with cruddy streaming services and I wouldn't be without it. Occasionally had a look at shiny looking alternatives but none of them touch the functionality of GMB.

That said there's this one thing that's bugging me.

I like to browse my collection while listening to music in the order I've queued up. When I'm doing this the left click behaviour when I select an album to display the contents is inconsistent. Sometimes it just displays the track details, sometimes it also starts playing the first track on the album.

Trying to train myself to default to the right click but not doing too well, TBH. Not to mention the right click gives me a menu I don't usually want. Is there any way to modify the left click behaviour? Something in the settings I've missed? Or is it a bug?