Hi everybody

Recently I upgraded my computer to the latest LTS Ubuntu. Before doing that I backuped all my data including 10k+ music files which I handle with gmusicbrowser. I switched to this player about a year ago because I did not want to have player specific libraries anymore and all song information including ratings and playcounts should be stored in the files themselves. So before I backed everything up, I told gmusicbrowser to write all information into the files (which should had happened automatically as this is the default setting which i did never change) - just to make sure. I double checked the files before I backed the up all metadata were in there.
Then I copied the files onto my backup hard disk (unfortunately I did not check the files after I copied them).
After I set up the system I moved the songs back to my computer. Then I realized, that all metadata were gone... at least to my knowledge by looking them up in the properties of a song within gmusicbrowser.

Here my best guess: I did something wrong, metadata gone forever - if that is true what did I do wrong? Did they get lost while copying/moving?
Here is my best hope: gmusicbrowser did not accurately read all tags - how do I make it read them properly?

Any help appreciated - thank you!

Sorry for not replying sooner
The setting to read and write ratings is off by default. Did you enable it (and restart gmb) before adding the songs ? If you enable it after adding the songs, you need to re-read the tags (from the song context menu, ctrl-a to select all the songs in the list)

That should be enough if the rating was indeed written in the tag, copying the files shouldn't affect the tag. You can check the tag in the advanced tag edition dialog (bottom button in the song property dialog) which list all the content of the tag regardless of whether they are supported by gmb.