Hey guys,

I have had this problem for a while now and I haven't been able to find a solution. Every time I open gmusicbrowser, all of the tracks I have loaded into it (including the saved lists) get emptied. I can literally see them all getting deleted and I can't do anything until it's done. Is there any fix for this?


You probably emptied or deleted the folder specified as your library in configuration.

I have a very similar problem.  My music collection is stored on an external hard drive.  What I have found is gmusicbrowser works fine until I remove the external hard drive, while my computer is off and then plug it back in and start PCLinuxOS.  When I start gmusic it acts like each file is trying to play, cannot be found, deletes it from the library and tries the next song.  Really a pain, and a long process, with a library exceeding 65k songs.  No files have been deleted while the drive was disconnected or after this process of "reading" each file is completed.

Any suggestions would be great!