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Un Layout creado a partir de AlexC-base-compact ::)

Default      = Window size=1120x820,sticky=0

VBall      = MBMenu HBStatus _HPmain HPEnd

MBMenu      = MainMenuItem LayoutItem PSortItem PFilterItem QueueItem
HBStatus   = Vol Prev Stop Play Next 5Sort 5Filter _Stars Filler0 _Title LockArtist _Artist LockAlbum _Album _Date Playlist Fullscreen -Quit -Pref
HPEnd      = Time _TimeBar
   HPAbout      =

HPmain      = VPleft VPcenter
   VPleft      = _TabbedLists(group=1) Context

VPcenter   = HBcenterup _VBcenterdown
   HBcenterup   = _Cover _HPfilter
      HPfilter   = _FPane1(nb=1,hide=1,pages=artist) _FPane2(nb=2,hide=1,pages=album)
   VBcenterdown   = HBSearch _SongTree
      HBSearch   = SimpleSearch ResetFilter Refresh PlayFilter FLock -TogButton(icon=gtk-dialog-info,widget=HPEnd) -Total

Espero lo disfruten y gracias.... ;D