I recognized a strange behaviour when gmb chooses cover art for .dsf-files.
I know this files are kind of special but they get imported and play well - thanks for that feature!

All my audio files are stored on a NAS. I usually put a "front.jpg" and a "tray.jpg" in each album folder.
As I started to use rasperry pi's with runeaudio, mpd or runeaudio created additional "coverart.jpg" and "thumb.jpg".

After importing my 5600 .dsf-files into gmb some albums use the "front.jpg" but most use "thumb.jpg".
Looks like embed artwork is not used with .dsf-files at all.

For some albums I named the musicfolders like "artist - album CD1", "artist - album CD2". It happens that CD1 uses "front.jpg" while CD2 uses "thumb.jpg".

Kind of weird, isn't it?
There is no question here, just an observation.