Hello there, got a problem while using GMB.
When it opens, it's all fine but after a short while all lines get their height really really oversized (see picture). I tried to change the layout, no change for lines' height except with
'Browser (songtree)' (the second one in the list)
'Conz' (both)
... all those that I would call "grouped by album" but then it's the empty space between two albums that might be oversized (in my opinion because I don't use these layouts usually).
Can someone please help?

I think it is caused by the comment column, and happens when it needs display a song which has more than one line of comment.
layouts using a SongTree probably behave differently, in them you can change/disable the grouping by right-clicking on the column headers and choose "edit grouping".

Hello and thanks for the reply.
In my opinion it's not a "more than one line" thing because comment field is empty in the example I posted and there is really no reason to use more than one line (first thing I checked) and it's the same for the whole library no matter how many lines in each field. Moreover, it changes! Sometimes too large, sometimes normal, for example when I search for something... I can not find out the logic of it yet.
It's not a big deal but it's always there. And, what I should have mentionned, it could be (once again) because I'm using Ubuntu Unity and trying to keep it updated.

I should have explained better. To display huge list with reasonable speed with this gtk widget, it must use a fixed-height mode. I must say I didn't test this for some time, and after a quick test it doesn't behave as I thought it did. I thought that if it displayed a multi-line row, all displayed rows would use a big height, and that it only reduced the height after some time or something. But in my test, all rows manage to only have the height they need. So I don't know if I miss-recall or if gtk improved how this mode behaves.
So I actually don't understand why you get that, does it happen without the comment column ?

Quote from: Quentin Sculo on October 16, 2012, 18:54:57
does it happen without the comment column ?

No. Bingo. Unchecked the display of this column, line height get correct. After a few days re-checked the display of Comment column, since then everything seems to be fine (the problem did not happen again).
If there is anything to do with the scrollbar (like it was the case before) I disabled the new overlay scrollbars to get the old ones back...
Thank you for your help.