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I'm a bit of a newb I shall admit this from the start, I am not so much of a newb that I deleted the programme and whinged about nix not haveing good players... I found one gmusicbrowser, It even has this layout that looks like my old standby. Just 1 tiny problem not w/ gmusicbrowser but the layout, On the layout to 'make it look like audacious' (it does btw very nice) its missing the 'settings' Ive clicked everyplace youd think to click on the window. I get all the right click tabs nothing says 'settings'. In the launcher list I tried right clicking and its gone as well. So I am stuck at this one layout unable to change to another layout  because I have no 'settings' tab or choice to choose to click on. I'm useing ubuntu LTE I think were up to 12 something I stopped keeping track at 11. its stable and works. You may be shocked at what I type in next but it is the truth, I'm not very good at command line in fact I dare say I may be at the same level or slightly above in command line stuff as a windows user. I know I said it, So my question is there a command line command to get to 'settings' in gmusicbrowser without 'breaking' my ubuntu (its been my past exsperience that I break things) so I can change from this layout to another?  other than this it works great!!!