I've been using gmusicbrowser for a a while now on my desktop machine and now I'm adding it to my laptop as well.

I have my music arranged in a deep hierarchy where folders at the bottom level correspond to albums, i.e. each folder
at the lowest level just holds the tracks making up one album.  My standard way of listening to music is to use the folder
view in gmusicbrowser, right click on the folder/album I want to listen to and select 'Play'.

The one problem is that play continues for ever repeating round and round the tracks of the album, I want it to stop after
playing the last track.  Is there any way to make gmusicbrowser do this?  It's particularly annoying with orchestral music
because starting again after the final notes is very distracting! :-)

I got the same problem. Is there a way to configure that music must stop when an album ends?? It's so basic and so annoying... I've searched around the buttons and settings but still haven't found how to do it!

Is there anybody here who can help? Thanks in advance.

I don't know the exact translation in English (my GMB is in French) but you might want to :

  • select the files you want to play
  • right click -> add selection to the waiting line
  • on the top of the main window : waiting line -> stop when the waiting line is empty
Hope it can help...