Thanks a lot for this awesome music organizer/player/perfectizer! :D

I have used the development version until today, when I decided to change to git.
My only complaint is that the tray tip can now be positioned partly off-screen, this was not possible before.
If you got no clue what I am talking about, I'll help you with a screenshot! ;D

I think I've read that you've switched some tray-icon lib, this might be related, I've no idea actually. :)
Once again, a big bunch of thanks to you and everyone else who has ever contributed.

Thanks for reporting this, it is fixed : http://git.gmusicbrowser.org/commit/a24f4679c4
It was just a small bug that caused some windows to be positioned using a wrong window size.

I've pulled the latest version and it is working perfectly! :)
Thanks for the quick fix!