My bad, forgot to adjust the Makefile. It'll be in the next version/update!

Thanks! I'm using Arch Linux, so I cannot test the PPA, but I tried building from git and stumbled upon a problem in the makefile, should be fixed now.

edit: I have stumbled upon another problem now: I was using the official gmusicbrowser version and there was a layout "Queue, Library & Context" which is now missing in the shimmer version:

Layout 'Queue, Library & Context' not found, using 'Shimmer Desktop' instead

Has it got lost somehow or has it been removed intentionally? :)

edit2: I noticed that some icons are to small: Can they be enlarged or would it be bad in some situations (say, the buttons are to small for the icons)?

the layout was renamed at some point to "Lists, Library & Context" in gmusicbrowser, so you're probably using an older version of it.

About the icons: yeah, those can probably be resized to be crisp - in general the problem is that we can only supply one icon-size in gmusicbrowser-icon-themes and gtk-themes can define the size of icons on buttons. So in the end they can always end up being fuzzy.

I'm rather busy at work at the moment, so I won't be able to take care of those icons, but if you want to, feel free to go ahead!