Kann man ein Layout so gestalten, dass man die urspr√ľnglichen Erscheinunsjahre anzeigen lassen kann?

I don't speak german, but it seems you want to have a field for "year of publication".
It needs to be added as a field. It is currently not included in the fields supported by gmusicbrowser. I haven't added it yet, because I don't know if I should add it as a year, or a more precise date (day-month-year). Probably the later, but it requires some work as currently gmb only support fields of type year or in seconds-since-1970, so I need to add a new type for that (one that support year, month-year and day-month-year)
I guess I could add it first as a simple year-only field, I have to look at what tags are used for that in the various tag format (id3v2, ogg/flac, m4a, ape)