I have some songs from the same album and artist that are shown in different albums, I think it's because some songs have APE tags while the others don't. It's the only difference I can notice. Is this a bug?

If you are using v1.1.x, it's maybe because some have the album_artist tag set, and some don't. I still need to make some tweaks to the way songs are classified into albums.

If you use v1.0.x, then the album field must be different, maybe not the same case or an extra space ?

Sorry, I had notifications disabled in the new forum.

I'm pretty sure all tags were the same except the APE tags, it was with the 1.1.3 version. Now I'm using a recent repository checkout that doesn't seem to have the problem, or it's me that can't find the songs. I'll post more specific info if it happens again.

Thank you.