Hi all,

I'm trying to make a usable layout for GMB

you'll find here my .layout file (to put in .config/gmusicbrowser/layouts)

the player is nearly finished and i still have to work on the browser

of course any comments or sugestions are welcome...
I know that this is a raw version and that i need to delete many things in the file...
...and finalize the default layout at start up

..but with the local customization, it will look like this (see image)

I'll edit this post with the latest version as the development goes on.

Thank you to you Quentin for providing us the best and most customizable player around

At last I hope to have a little more time to work on this...

Is there a way to force GMB to start without the local settings (when you change for exemple the size of a pane with the mouse...) so I can see what will be the aspect of the layout the first time people use it and define the default settings to have something like in the screenshot of the first post...

for now the last version of the layout

You could just try -C/-cfg option to specify a different file/folder for the configurations.

Not sure there's another way.

See also -demo.

Yes -C/-cfg works, you can use a non existing file or folder(put a '/' at the end to force creation of a folder), but you won't have any songs...

You can temporarily rename your layout, and launch gmusicbrowser with -demo (=>gmbrc won't be written) or quit it with ctrl-c.
Use the -l/-layout option to load the layout with the new name, use quotes if needed.

To find the default settings you need you can look at gmbrc and search for your layout name.


Is there a way to define the size of FPanes in the default settings...

...and a way to apply default tabs in a tabbed list?

...and to have the 2nd level activated in FPanes in the default?

...and more questions to follow...
but I'm going step by step ...

Thank You

PS:find in attachment the latest version of my layout (trying to have a decent layout at 1st start...)

Usually FPane are in HP/VP containers, so you have to define the default repartition of the space in the HP/VP container, for example : VPright(size=200-550).
If your FPane is in a HB/VB then there is no "default" size as the user can't change it, it will use its requested size, or all the extra space available if packed with "_" (you can set a maximum with maxwidth/maxheight in v1.1.x).

default tabs list : FPane(pages=artist|album)
default selected tab : FPane(page=artist)

default album 2nd level in artist tab, with 40pix album picture :
FPane(page_artist/type=artist|album, page_artist/lpicsize=0|40)
(sadly it gets a bit verbose if you want to set a lot of default options, you can split long lines by ending partial lines with a backslash "\")

btw, I took a very quick look at your layout, there are a few default options that use the old v1.0.x syntax/options :
"SimpleSearch fields=9s_10s_11s_17s_23s_16s,wordsplit=1"
is now something like fields=title|artist|album,  wordsplit has been replaced by other options
and "SongTree sort=1_11_12_13_0"
by sort=path album:i disc track file
(yes list of fields are sometimes separated by |, sometimes by a space :( I'll fix it at some point)
Look at the gmbrc file to find the current options, though it use a slightly different syntax, the option names and values are the same.

Killer layout!
I'm very impressed by GMB!

Do you have a deviantART account? There you can imagine the layout better. http://www.deviantart.com/
There is also gmusicbrowser group.  http://gmusicbrowser.deviantart.com/

hello everybody...
...sorry for the delays but due to work constraints, I don't have time this year to work on this layout... I hope to have a little more time in may this year...

..To Quentin, thank you for v1.1.6 (and the autofind of the covers...)

you'll find some screenshots of the actual version of djaxlayout

4 picture of the playing window :

gmb1.png : player with album tab selected
gmb2.png : player with artist tab selected
gmb3.png : player with song tab selected
gmb4.png : player with playlists tab selected and equalizer expended

... next pictures in the next post

gmb5b.png : shows the way the filters are operating (not the usual way but I find it practical...)
gmb6.png : with the context window
gmb7.png : the filters in action...(search on "U2", selection on "musicz" [the folder where i save the albums], then on artist "U2" and finally on album "WAR")

..to aboetger : It's a good idea to centralise the screenshots on one page...but unfotunatelly I don't have a deviantart account...can you put my screenshots on your page??

..to all : have fun building new layouts...and share them... ;)

and the last picture...(it was too big for the previous post)