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Questions / Missing icons in gtk3 version?
June 30, 2022, 20:36:38
I'm using gmusicbrowser version, downloaded from github, on Arch Linux. I've been using earlier versions for many years.

In most ways, the gtk3 version looks and works fine; however, there are some icons that are missing. In particular, the main "Recently played songs", "Play", and "Next song" buttons don't have any icons. Hovering over the space where the icons should be, shows a tooltip with the above descriptions, and you can click on the space to trigger the action. So the functionality does work, it's just the icons that aren't there. They are missing in several different layouts, not just the custom one I normally use.

How am I supposed to get these? I think that I have normal themes installed on my system, and I couldn't see anything about this in the FAQ.
Hi. I'm using a slightly modified version of the iTunes-like layout.

In the current display, in what I guess is the "categories pane" (because when I go to View->Categories pane and _un_check it, it goes away), there are two boxes, one with Artist and one with Album. (Adding View->Genres pane adds a third box here.) Simply, I would like the left box to display "Album Artist", or if that is blank, Artist, instead of right now, where it's just Artist. The current result is that I have very many extra entries because I get all of the "Famous Person featuring Someone Else" or "Famous Person and Nobody", instead of collapsing them all into Famous Person.

Thanks. I have struggled and have never really understood how to modify the layout properly; I've tried a few things here and just can't tell where this is coming from.
Questions / Skipping "The", etc. when sorting?
October 10, 2011, 00:47:35
Hi. I really like gmusicbrowser which I tried when looking for a better music player than Rhythmbox. Im probably going to stick with it.

Is there a way to skip "The" and "A/An" in band names when sorting by band name (and I guess album too, but it's less important here, at least for me). I'd like to find The Beatles under "B", and to navigate to this by typing "B-E-A..." in the artist pane, not "T-H-E-[ ]B-E-A..."

What's even more difficult is that I have some bands in both places, eg. I have five albums by The Magnetic Fields and one by Magnetic Fields, and these dont show up together so I don't even know there's a problem.

Thank you!