I'm a new user - just moved my 20k+ tracks, multiple user ratings and custom labels in from Guayadeque and finding gmusicbrowser to be a major improvement in terms of layout, information and filtering.

Using gmb 1.1.12 in PCLinusOS.

Apologies if this has been already documented but I find that gmb can be crashed by inputting any A/N key into the column section of the library section of the lists, library & context layout.

Sorry for not replying sooner, I was mostly offline for 2 weeks.
I'm not aware of this problem, but I do not understand what you call a A/N key, and I'm not sure where exactly you are inputting it. Can you give me more details ?

No problem thx for the reply.

Problem occurs in the lists, library & context layout when the content in the column section has focus and I hit any key from a-z or 0-9.

This may well be a problem specific to my PCLinuxOS setup as I just tested same on my laptop running Mint 17.1 and it doesn't crash.

I wouldn't worry too much, on my account, about this because it isn't causing me any problem. I'm in the process of setting up openSUSE Tumbleweed with gmb 1.1.14 and this may become my primary OS on my desktop PC.

I do have a minor issue with custom filters which I will post in a new topic.

I really love gmusicbrowser.