my goal is to generate playlists of 1300 random songs
I see how to drag entire artists, genres, albums
I have a playlist that appeared when I clicked on a song when I 1st opened Gmusicbrowser, this playlist is all songs in a random order list that play in the order listed.   

How would I turn the entire library of 13000 into 10 playlists of 1300 random songs?

Sorry for not replying sooner.
I don't think there is any easy way to do it, I guess the only way is displaying and using the row number as your other post is asking. I'll reply there. (

what about a random list of a predetermined length?
I'd settle for a list of 1500
the goal being 999 song that I want to hear the extra few 100 songs being deleted out

Maybe it could help if you explain exactly why you want these lists.

I plan to add features that would make these kind of things possible, but it's not for now.
The closest feature currently are filters that returns the top/bottom x songs sorted according to a given filter : for example the top 50 best rated songs.

Anyway, if I understand what you want, what I would do is export the full shuffled list of songs in a m3u, and then use the head and tail terminal commands to split it into a few files, knowing that currently the generated m3u files begin with a "#EXTM3U" line and then contain 3 lines per files. So to get the songs 3 to 4 you do 'head -n 13 list.m3u |tail -n 6' where 13 is 1+4*3 (to get the first 4 songs) and 6 is 2*3 (to get the last 2 songs of the 4 songs). You might need to add back the first iine ("#EXTM3U") I don't remember if it's really needed.

I'm trying to come up with 999 song playlists to use with various hardware that accepts flash drives...
after manually deleting songs from a list of 1300-1500 songs, I'll be left with 700-1000 songs
I've been using clementine, which unfortunately will not copy songs to media with out organizing.  Organizing leaves the songs sorted alphabetically or some other not random way...
I'm not able to get any feedback on how to get clementine where I need it work over the past few years

You seem to be willing to help me understand how GMB works & what is possible
I don't have much aptitude for the commandline stuff, but I'll try

I don't want to exclude[filter] any songs out initially
the que thing doesn't work in a way that is helpful in this endeavor, as the songs disappear from the list as they are played.

got the other thread going in a effort to at least be able to build the lists copying one song at a time to a list without losing my place :D